I did not realise when I saw this week’s Subject that it would be right up my street (excuse the pun).

Being a shy and retiring type and running a mile from any violence, especially if it is directed at me. Aiming my camera at someone I Don’t know has always been daunting.

Imagine my delight when Tony gave us his tips and techniques on how to improve our street photography.

When he told us not to worry about our images being out of focus, blurred, over/under exposed people getting in the way or grainy. I was overjoyed, as this describes most of my pictures. All I needed to do was to get down the High Street and start snapping a way.

The next tip comes naturally to me. Looking confused when using my camera. I don’t just look it, Iam. Looking lost and wandering aimlessly is second nature. So is shooting from the hip, as I wander aimlessly and confusingly looking at my camera and accidently hit the shutter button.

So you can look forward to seeing my out of focus, under/over exposed, blurred and grainy pictures soon. So nothing new there then.

My take on (Coronation) Street photography